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Creating Mockups for Art Portfolios

Mockups are an easy way to help your Portfolio stand out among the thousands being reviewed (by your prospective client or university). The idea is that instead of just slapping your latest creation in your portfolio, you insert the image into a stock photo so it looks like it's displayed in real life. This is a pretty popular idea and if you search for "Art Portfolio Mockups" you will find a whole bunch of sites that offer PSD templates that you can add your images to.
Only problem with this process is it's way too time consuming - you need to find the right template, edit it in your chosen software, insert your image, tweak the placement so it makes sense and so on. Surely you don't want to spend more time staging the piece than it took you to create it. But there's an easier way! 
There are a lot of Print on Demand sites that let you upload an image, preview it on available products, and place an order for the customized item. There are also sites that allow…

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