Drawing Tablet Review: Huion 1161

Here's a quick review of the Huion 1161 drawing tablet. 

Here's how it compares the Huion 950P which is a more portable version of the same tablet.  Both are just 8mm high making them easy to carry around. The 1161 is 14" x 8.5" with a drawing area of 11" * 6.5". The 950P is 12.5" x 7.5" with a drawing area of 9" x 5:5". The new tablet comes with a USB C connector compared to the Micro USB connector the

It uses a battery-free pen with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt support.

The best part is the new touch strip which makes zooming in/out a breeze. I'm also testing it with the brush size shortcuts which seems to work better in some software (Photoshop) than others (ArtRage). 

The other upgrade is the 16 soft Express keys (top of the drawing area) in addition to the 10 Express keys on the side. This is super helpful in software like ArtRage which lets you add shortcut keys for its brush types. 

The drawing experience on both tablets is really good. The surface is slightly textured so it almost feels like you are drawing on paper. The tilt and touch sensitivity is pretty accurate. 

The tablet also works with Android devices and comes with USB C and Micro USB OTG connectors. Looking forward to testing that next since I haven't found any good pressure sensitive stylus that works with the mobile version of ArtRage


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